BeYou Electrology, LLC specializes in Permanent Hair Removal for all areas of the face and body, body balancing, face and body sculpting (Pressotherapy) and the Quantum Energy Wellness Bed that supports your body in reaching optimum wellness.

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) is a titanium-lined wellness bed that combines Quantum Bio-field Antenna Technology, bio beneficial micro-current, far-infrared heat therapy, biophotons, and sound frequencies.

It's charged titanium plate creates a powerful standing quantum field that extends to two feet in all directions. Laying on the bed in the quantum field, gives your body an opportunity to absorb light particles – biophotons – directly into your body that the bed emits.

The bio beneficial microcurrent can help increase the voltage of your cells, increasing circulation and promoting cellular healing, while the sound frequencies help deepen your experience on the QEWB.

The far-infrared warms and opens up your body, allowing you to receive more during the session.

Using these modulates, the QEWB supports your body in reaching optimum wellness.

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We Have The Right Hair Removal Solution Just For You!

Electrolysis safely and permanently removes all types of hair from all skin tones. Electrolysis permanently destroys the growth cells of the hair follicle, preventing treated hairs from ever growing back.

During our private complimentary consultation, we will take the time to discuss with you the different hair removal solutions available, your desired results and concerns, and how we can best help you achieve your goal. By offering more than ONE Solution, we have the ability to Customize a plan just for you.

As your Licensed Electrologist and Holistic Health Practitioner, we are happy to answer all of your questions about our services.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Licensed Electrologist
  • Licensed Esthetician
  • Pressotherapy
  • Quantum Energy Wellness Bed
  • State of the Art Equipment
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  • Leland, NC